Una via personale verso l’iltizām: gli articoli di Ġālib Halasā su “al-Ādāb” (1960-1965)

(A personal path towards iltizām: Ġālib Halasā’s articles in “al-Ādāb” [1960-1965])

in La rivista di Arablit, a. XII, n. 23, giugno 2022, pp. 53-68.

Jordanian writer Ġālib Halasā (1932-1989) wrote twelve articles for the famous Lebanese magazine “al-Ādāb” between 1960 and 1965. This paper analyses some of the most interesting articles of this phase, namely those concerning the condition of the Arab intellectuals and the role of criticism. In some of such articles, Halasā warns his fellow intellectuals against the risk of falling into the trap of political propaganda when considering art as a megaphone of any political position, however noble and revolutionary it is. Furthermore, some other articles he wrote for “al-Ādāb” revolve around the critique of Nasserist socialism and dictatorships in general. As well as in his other political writings, the author uses Marxist critical tools and vocabulary to analyse the Egyptian socialist experience and report its abuses and dangers related to the literary field.

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