Editoriale – La primavera della letteratura araba

(Editorial – The Spring of Arabic Literature)

in La rivista di Arablit, a. I, n. 1, giugno 2011, pp. 5-8.

Since the Italian press usually does not take an interest in Arab populations and their cultural production unless their countries are in the limelight of the international political scene, a group of Arabists decided to start a magazine of modern and contemporary Arab culture and Arabic literature in which specialized articles can be published.
La rivista di Arablit” therefore aims at offering space to both well-known and younger and even very young Italian and international scholars, who are particularly interested in recent literary trends and willing to point out new works and to provide information about their authors, as well as to explore some older but culturally extraordinarily prolific historical periods, i.e. the nineteenth and twentieth century age of the Nahḍah
, which still greatly needs further studies. 

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This is an Article from La Rivista di Arablit - Anno I, numero 1, giugno 2011

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