Da Piazza al-Taḥrīr all’Università del Cairo, pagine di narrativa araba contemporanea.

(From al-Taḥrīr Square to the Cairo University, pages of contemporary Arabic fiction)

in La rivista di Arablit, a. I, n. 1, giugno 2011, pp. 9-22.

This essay clearly inspired by recent revolutionary events in Egypt is focused on various narratives dealing with important moments of change witnessed by the country during the twentieth century. These works are either autobiographies or novels containing different extents of autobiographism. The memoirs of Hudà al-Ša’rāwī, Inğī Aflaūn and Laīfah al-Zayyāt are examined along with autobiographical or partly autobiographical novels by Muammad al-Busāi, Rawà ‘Ašūr, Muammad al-Barrādah, un‘allāh Ibrāhīm and again Laīfah al-Zayyāt. Presenting this broad spectrum of texts is aimed at highlighting the evolution of Egyptian society as well as of Egypt’s capital city during the above mentioned century. Consistently, special attention is paid to Ayāf by Rawà ‘Ašūr. Beside historical observations this article also includes textual analysis illustrating prominent features of contemporary Arabic fiction.

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