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‘Anbarah Salām al-Ḫālidī, tra Storia e memoria


Articolo della Rivista, Anno II, numero 4, dicembre 2012

in La rivista di Arablit, a. II, n. 4, novembre/dicembre 2012, pp. 33-42. This essay is meant to introduce the still hardly known Lebanese writer and activist ‘Anbarah Salām al-Ḫālidī, by quoting and analyzing some passages taken from her memoires: Ǧawlah fī ’l-ḏikrayāt bayna Lubnān wa Filasṭīn (1977).  Focused on both the public and private dimensions of the life experience of the authoress, these excerpts allow a deeper understanding of such an amazing and fascinating figure. Read the article

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