Le tele della pittrice egiziana Inǧī Aflāṭūn (1924-1989): mondo privato e impegno politico-sociale di una femminista di sinistra

(The paintings of the Egyptian painter Inǧī Aflāṭūn (1924-1989): Private world and political and social commitment of a leftist feminist)

in La rivista di Arablit, a. I, n. 2, dicembre 2011, pp. 89-103.

This essay is focused on the artistic production of Inǧī Aflāṭūn, prominent pioneer of modern Egyptian art, who was internationally renowned also for her involvement in Egypt’s feminist and communist movements. The analysis of the artist’s paintings is herein greatly based on her “Memoirs”, where she indeed offers a faithful account of her private life, artistic experience and political activism, along with a detailed description of crucial political, social and cultural events that Egypt, and the Arab world in general, witnessed during the second half of the twentieth century. All of these phenomena did, in fact, clearly inspire her as a painter.

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