Le canzoni di Rāmī ʿIṣām: una cronaca musicale della Rivoluzione egiziana

(Rāmī ‘Iṣām’s songs: A musical chronicle of the Egyptian Revolution)

in La rivista di Arablit, a. III, n. 6, dicembre 2013, pp. 28-48.

The essay focuses on the songs performed by the young Egyptian singer Rāmī ʿIṣām, who came to the fore in the early days of the Revolution of 25 January 2011, and covers a lapse of time that goes from January 2011 to the election of the former president Muḥammad Mursī in June 2012. By mentioning in detail and commenting some of Rāmī ʿIṣām’s most significant tracks, the essay is meant to show their connection to the main facts happened in Egypt during the past three years. Furthermore, the aim of this work is to show the deep relationship that still exists between some literature and pop music, and to underline the importance of this synergy in order to democratize Egyptian society.

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