Une passion contemporaine : Zad Moultaka met en musique la parole d’Adonis

in La rivista di Arablit, a. XII, n. 23, giugno 2022, pp. 25-52.

Literature has often been representing an important inspiration source for music. Nowadays in the postmodern era, among the multiple eclectic musical trends, literary works still have the power to inspire musical compositions. La Passion d’Adonis (2015) is a work by Zad Moultaka, inspired by the Syrian poet and writer Adonis. Moultaka tried to transform through music some excerpts of Adonis’ masterpiece al-Kitāb. The composer designed a complex music organization, which consists in a real global performance based on the union of different arts (live music, electronic environment, video, lights, etc.) that makes this work intertextual and intermedial. In this composition Moultaka shows the actuality of Adonis’ writing. He depicts in music the sorrow for the Arab history the poet expresses in his verses. The composer also tries to grasp the hope hidden in the painful verses proposing a sort of happy ending where the tragedy can be transformed in confidence, from obscurity to light.

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