Mizriyyāt, qahwiyyāt e il declino della poesia bacchica (XV-XVII secc.)

(Mizriyyāt, qahwiyyāt and the decline of Bacchic poetry [XV-XVII secc.])

in La rivista di Arablit, a. X, n. 19, giugno 2020, pp. 7-28.

Between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, many poetic topoi of Bedouin life or of the old caliphal court underwent a profound renewal, so as to reflect the new social reality. Wine poetry (ḫamriyyah), which had represented a usual motif in the past, ended up being classified among the themes of muǧūn (shamelessness) subject to restrictions and censorship. The present article aims to investigate the political, socio-cultural and literary background and factors that determined the decline of traditional ḫamriyyah in favour of more tolerated themes such as the ones related to beer and coffee.

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