Alcune strategie retoriche nel discorso politico tunisino: uso dei deittici e ripetizione lessicale

(Rhetorical strategies in the Tunisian political discourse: Use of deixis and lexical repetition)

in La rivista di Arablit, a. VIII, n. 15, giugno 2018, pp. 67-92.

This paper analyses some rhetorical strategies used by the President of the Tunisian Republic al-Bāǧī Qāid al-Sabsī during his discourse delivered on 20 March 2015, on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of Tunisian Independence and two days after the terroristic attack at the Bardo National Museum. In such a delicate socio-political context, al-Sabsī’s linguistic choices are part of a wider strategy of persuasion aiming at communicating to the Tunisian people that the socio-political and economic crisis can be solved through national unity and shared sacrifices. In particular, the use of personal deixis and lexical repetition of some words referring to national unity will be analysed. Through these rhetorical strategies, al-Sabsī describes himself as a strong and sympathetic leader who invites the people to be united against the internal and external enemies of the country.

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