Al di qua e al di là della colonia: satira come opposizione al regime coloniale in un racconto di ‘Alī Muṣṭafà al-Miṣrātī

(On both sides of the colony: Satire as opposition to the colonial regime in a short story by ‘Alī Muṣṭafà al-Miṣrātī)

in La rivista di Arablit, a. II, n. 4, novembre/dicembre 2012, pp. 57-72.

Italian scholars and Arabists have only recently started to pay attention towards Libya and this country’s rich and fascinating literary production. Libyan writers are, in fact, still unknown to most people in Italy, where merely a few Italian translations of Libyan works and critical essays on Libyan literature have been published until now.
Yet, Libya’s contemporary literary scene features outstanding figures, such as the eclectic writer ‘Alī Mustafà al-Miṣrātī, whose novels, short stories and essays deal with significant historical, political and social themes. Starting from the analysis of one of author’s tales focused on the Libyan opposition against Italian colonialism, this article provides some insights on the importance of satire as a tool of political opposition against the colonial regime both in the colonized country and in the colonizing one.

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